Post-Production (After Reading)

Sweet William’s Group

Once you have finished reading and have used members of the team to organize your information.  It is time to produce.

What will you do with the information?  Aimee, the Purpose Scout will help guide the way.  Use members of the ShowTime Crew to piece together a meaningful response.

There are specific guidelines that you can follow to assure you do well with every response.  Certain themes come up in writing mechanics or oral presentations each and every time.  If you adhere to the rules, you will do well.

Developing Outstanding Res3



Think about your plan:


If it is a writing assignment, you will either write a summary or a narrative, expository, or a persuasive piece.

Use Structured Writing Dynamics to organize your non-narrative writing.

Add in the writing tools below to improve your style.

Summary Notes

Narrative Writing Tools

Expository Writing Tools

Persuasive Writing Tools


108 Most Persuasive Verbs

Response to Lit

Writing Connections Blackline Masters

Making Connections Between Texts

What Writers Can Learn From Goodnight Moon

Either way make sure that your piece follows a structured format and that you incorporate the information you have gained from your reading.  You have spent time with the ShowTime Crew gathering your evidence.  Now, you can focus on the writing craft.  Consider using the text structure format and professional authors  upon which to model your writing so that you solid architecture for your ideas.

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