ACE – Always Capture Excellence, ACE My Academics (TM) is developed by Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD, MSEd, MA.

All original content is © 2011-14 by Matthew G. Mandelbaum.  Other authors’ work is noted as available.

For More Information: matthew.mandelbaum@gmail.com, www.psysoed.com  www.dbt.solutions

Matthew Mandelbaum PhD, MSEd, MA (New York State Licensed Psychologist. Educator. Social Entrepreneur)


Through a variety of venues, Dr. Mandelbaum provides strategy, consulting, outreach, marketing, instruction, research and development, social entrepreneurship, and therapeutic services to the psychological and educational fields. He works on micro- and macro-levels to solve complex problems with integrated solutions across domains that help children, adolescents, adults, and institutions achieve.

Dr. Mandelbaum has a PhD in Educational Psychology from Fordham University, an MSEd in Childhood General and Special Education from Bank Street College of education, an MA Scholar in Psychology from the New York University and a BA in Economics with a minor in History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania, graduating Magna Cum Laude as a Benjamin Franklin Scholar. Other educational experiences include the Art Students League of New York.  He is also a member of the first cohort of the Linehan Institute’s Behavioral Tech Comprehensive Training for Independent Practitioners with Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intensive Training.  His Principal roles include: Managing Partner, PsySoEd Dynamics, LLC, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Fordham University’s Psychological and Educational Services; Director of Outreach at Robert Louis Stevenson School; DBT Skills Trainer at the Washington Square Institute. He also has a private psychology practice for emerging adults, educators, and university students.

Dr. Mandelbaum has over 18 years of experience working with students of all ages in a range of settings. From pre-kindergarten to graduate school, in public, private, parochial, after-school, and tutoring environments, Dr. Mandelbaum has gained a systemic understanding of academic development. He believes in educating the whole person, blending academic, social, and emotional constructs so that students grow with wisdom, consciousness, resilience, and joy.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mandelbaum has inspired others to love learning, enhance their critical thinking skills, and motivated them to seek on their own. As a learning specialist and educational product developer, he believes strongly in collaborating with educators, parents, and students to foster success. In his process, Dr. Mandelbaum blends theory and research with practice. Combining the best insights from research, prior experience, observation, and assessment, Dr. Mandelbaum develops customized solutions to help others succeed.

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