The General (Coach) coordinates the activities of the other team members, deciding how the members should work, while keeping in mind the goal and the purposes of the reading.  She’s the voice inside your head that keeps you on track.

Use Self-Regulation Strategies of Planning, Monitoring, Controlling, and Evaluating along the way.

You should be able to answer these questions while going through the process:

•When will I start working?
•Where will I work?
•How will I work?
•What do I need to know or do to get this done?
•What does the teacher want me to do?
•What do I want to learn?
•Am I accomplishing what I hoped to?
•Am I being distracted?
•Is this taking more time than I thought?
•Am I understanding everything I need to understand?
•I don’t think I’m getting this:
What should I do differently?
•What can I do to keep on task?
•How can I encourage myself to get this done?
•Did I accomplish everything  I had hoped to?
•Did I do well? Did I do poorly? Why?
•What worked? What didn’t work?
•What should I do differently next time?

Planning cycles to Monitoring to Controlling to Evaluating back to Planning

(Zusho, 2009)

Working with the members of the team, the General also engages in self-regulation strategies and actively monitors performance on the meta-perspective, asking questions while the process is going on in order to make improvements and increase efficiencies.  The General needs to know how to use the teammates best and how to manage the operation.  With practice, you will increase your skill set with each team member and with entire team.

The General’s Active Learning Sheet


Active Reading Bookmark


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