LAWYER – Justice

The Lawyer argues points about the reading and helps you come across as someone who can take a position and defend it.

Critique Based On Facts

Use Evidence to build your case/opinion and perhaps build cases for different perspectives depending on the reading.

  • What Can You Say About This Reading?
  • Write brief notes with page numbers from the text to use in discussion or writing.

 Be persuasive.

Feel impassioned about your case as you hunt for evidence.

It is critical that you back up your opinions with facts including page numbers and that you be as persuasive as possible.

You can see how the Lawyer would draw upon the Director, Storyteller, and Information Architect when building the case.


Use these graphic organizers to build your case:

Lawyer’s Jotter








Know that the author is trying to persuade you as well.

Look at these persuasive techniques so that you will be prepared for your day in court:

The author’s persuasive techniques

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