Professional Development Workshops Available

Evidence- based Practices for Reading and Writing in the Content Areas

with Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD

This workshop teaches a meta-framework for comprehending and communicating information in English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies using the ACE My Academics platform. With evidence-based reading and writing strategies and tactics for expository and narrative texts and media that cover pre-, during, and post-reading stages and the range of written and oral responses, students develop a foundation for creative and critical thinking and academic self- regulation. Special and General Educators in Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School are encouraged to attend, along with therapist and other professionals working in the educational fields. Participants learn the framework, including the use of worked out examples, before utilizing their own texts to develop effective lesson plans.  Participants leave with the ability to apply the knowledge to their settings immediately.  Supports Common Core Standards.

For more information contact Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum.

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