Empowering Teachers Through ACE My Academics

ACE My Academics seeks to offer teachers a methodology for reading and writing instruction that promotes intellectual and social-emotional development for all students. When combined with the these empowering teacher orientations, there can be an even greater increase in  student success.

Educators need to see themselves as:

  • Learning Doctors, who utilize their hearts, minds, and senses to diagnose student problems and prescribe interventions for remediation (Brophy & Good, 1986).
  • Scholar-Practioners, who actively consume information and have an ongoing commitment to improve their practice.
  • Scientist-Practioners, who see their teaching environments as laboratories and take part in ongoing, thoughtful experimentation to improve student outcomes.
  • Curriculum Developers, who create/appropriate curriculum to make an impact on student development, utilizing universal design and backward design principles that support high standards.
  • Social Entrepreneurs, who combine sound learning and communication principles with critical thinking and problem solving skills to take on challenging  issues.
  • Teachers, who draw upon a strong pedagogical and personal foundation to constantly revive their commitment to transforming student lives.

With these perspectives, educators can impart strength, courage, and wisdom (india.arie, 2001) and show warmth, a business-like orientation, enthusiasm, organization, the use of quality materials and activities, the use of clarity, structure, questioning and an academic focus (Rosenshine, 1971) that increase academic and social-emotional achievement.

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