Using the Power of Play

School can be a place that promotes love of learning, engagement, and curiosity.

Students can have the opportunity to play as they learn with real-world, authentic tasks that let them feel the power of doing meaningful work. Let them see how they can make an impact on their own lives, on the lives of others, and in the world through their daily practice.

ACE My Academics reinforces the power of play that allows students to learn and utilize a comprehensive set of skills that they can continue to develop for the rest of their lives.  These are specific strategies and tactics for literacy that improve the growth of the whole student with 21st Century Skills that meets Common Core Standards.

Through ACE My Academics, students come to see themselves as investigators, researchers, authors, speakers, thinkers, and doers.

Students recognize the academic and social-emotional power that lies within themselves and can grow this power continuously through repeated interaction with texts, fellow students, and teachers.

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