Spontaneous Structure

Two competing philosophies on education present themselves.  One emphasizes spontaneity, the other emphasizes structure.  Together, they form a 2 x 2 matrix of educational possibilities, yielding 4 results.


                            High                                Low

High                       Innovation                     Disorder



Low                           Evolution                       Dullness


Tony Wagner Passion, Purpose, Play


General Colin Powell

How do we reconcile both?  We need to position our students towards being able to be innovative and evolutionary.  They need to have structures in place to to understand conventions and to have a means for exchange and tools for academic and social discourse.  They also need to be flexible to choose how and when to use these tools to make new discoveries.  The ACE My Academics platform supports both.

Model of ACE


modelforace3The team consists of a General, the Advance Team, the ShowTime Crew (the Joiner, the Director of Key Terms, the Storyteller, the Information Architect, the Lawyer, and the Journalist) the Post-Production Unit, and the Training Ground.

The key concept is to turn reading and writing into a narrative process with a beginning, middle, and end, where the process is broken down into tasks that can be remembered through a character-based system.

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